Minerals. Your body needs them!

Trust me, I'm no expert at heath science, but I do like to be an informed consumer of health and wellness products. Research and understanding what benefits or net gains I can reasonably expect from a product is something I value. If you are a consumer of vitamins, minerals, essential oils, enzymes, or other wellness product you should be doing your own research. Google Scholar is great for finding studies and literature on just about any topic. Recently I did some research on the health benefits of major and trace mineral supplementation. Look, its a fact that most of us just don't get enough of them in our diets. Sure, you can get some of your daily needs by eating good foods, but even still the majority of us are lacking in the daily requirements of one or more of these minerals. 

Minerals, along with water and enzymes, are building blocks of health. Tonight, I just want to share with you a couple things I have learned about minerals that the body needs and why I choose to supplement with the most efficient and best-balanced liquid ionic mineral blend on the market. Mineral Essence by Young Living.  

So how about those minerals? Where are you getting yours? Here is a short list of just some of the minerals we need for healthy body function and why. 

The body needs iron to make hemoglobin, which is the red protein responsible for carrying oxygen in the blood. We need calcium for kidney, nerve and muscle function. Potassium maintains electrolyte balance between blood and body tissues. Our thyroids can’t even work without iodine. The thyroid as you probably know controls many functions of the body including those related to energy production. Manganese, selenium and zinc all help with wound healing, skeletal growth and cell membrane protection. While chromium helps keep the arteries clear. 

So even with my short list aren’t you the least bit curious about whether you are getting enough of all the kinds of minerals you need? Fun fact. Did you know that all of Young Living's enzyme products need just two things to activate them? Can you guess what two things they are? If you guessed minerals and water than your right! Gut health is something I value, and I knew if I wanted to achieve my health goals as they relate to my gut I was going to need to supplement enzymes and increase my water intake. Now the next step for me has been adding the mineral supplementation. 

Most liquid mineral supplements don’t taste very good. I think Young Living did really well with this formula which includes honey and royal jelly to make it a bit sweet and more palatable. Cinnamon, lemon and peppermint essential oils are also in the formula to aid in bio-availability of the minerals. I first tried taking it about 10 days before I left on a service trip with the Young Living Foundation to rebuild homes in Nepal. The goal was to ensure my body responded well to the elevation I was going to be working in for following 10 days. I took a supply of Mineral Essence with on that trip and continued taking it. Thankfully it worked. 

As you know, our family has been looking for ways to engage in activities that challenge our physical stamina, our endurance and an enjoyable way for us to get our cardio in.  XC skiing has been our newest adventure and answer. Skijoring might be next on my list, the thought has crossed my mind, so we'll see.  Anyway, I just want to say, Mineral Essence by Young Living is great. I can feel a difference in how my body responds to that kind of activity when I take it versus when I don’t. 

Some people I know like to drink it with NingxiaRed wolfberry juice, but I just take it straight out of the dropper. It can be a bit overwhelming for some people so there is no shame in covering it up with a bit of cold juice. There are more than 60 very fine ionic minerals in this product and one or more of them have helped move the needle towards meeting my health and wellness goals.

Haven’t gotten started with Young Living yet? Why not become a member today? When you enroll with me in March 2018 and buy Mineral Essence (item #3222) on an Essential Rewards order concurrently, I will put a product credit equal to $10 on your account. That is more than a 30% saving on your first order of Mineral Essence. Click on "Place an Order" at the top of this page to get started. Or copy and paste the hyperlink below: 



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