Remembering Jacob

Remembering Jacob
“Where does someone go when they die?”
“Well, their consciousness is no more”, I said to my daughter Shaley on our walk home from school today.

Our family as well as many others throughout Young Living had been praying for Jacob Adamo's full recovery from a major medical issue he was facing over the last several days. His body was shutting down and each day we would get updates on Jacob and pray with his family for his needs. We prayed over his life and we prayed earnestly for full restoration. I had to break the news to my daughter that Jacob had died this morning.

We continued to talk about our beliefs as they relate to the state of those who have passed on from this life. The air was warm, she was on her scooter, the sun at our backs, with our Rhodesian Ridgeback on the lead. I was a little tender from surgery yesterday, but glad to be out of bed and enjoying a gentle walk having slept most of the day away. 
We continued to discuss where the deceased are; in time and space. I reminded her that in the bible it says in Ecclesiastes 9:5 "for the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing". This plus other evidence have led me to conclude that the dead body remains on earth. And since their breath of life leaves their body, they are unconscious and unaware of anything until they are raised from this state we call death. “It’s like they are in a deep sleep”, I said. 
Having had surgery yesterday and undergoing general anesthesia, I used it as an analogy to describe what I thought death was like. 

“It took less than a minute for me to be in a state where I knew nothing. The anesthesiologist pushed the drug into my IV and I was out. Next thing I knew I was in post-op. I came to consciousness rather abruptly with no memory of the hour-long procedure. I looked up at the clock and 70 minutes of my life had passed that I will never have a memory of. I was asleep and knew nothing. I think when we die the next thing we will know is being awakened by His voice calling us by name on resurrection day to come to heaven with Him", I said to her.

We know where all of us who have chosen Him as our Savior will end up. He promised us that He would go home and prepare a place for us. That He would come back and take us to Himself. I for one cling to and am very grateful for that promise Jesus made.

A man I admired died today. He touched my life and we never even had the opportunity to sit across a table from one another over a meal. Even still, I liked to call Jacob a “friend”. I recently joined a group of high caliber men in Young Living  that Jacob was a part of. I am sure we would have had time to recreate or get to know one another more personally had he lived longer.  From what I can tell we had similar values, and even had many friends in common. I loved that Jacob wanted people to have a deeper more satisfying relationship with those around us. It's something I value too and have personally pondered greatly over the years. Teaching ways to effectively communicate with and understand people who see life through different lenses was part of his repertoire.

Jacob wrote a couple books on success in relating with people. As a fellow network marketer for the same company, I bought and read the books and soon became friends with him on Facebook. The color theory books that he wrote regarding personality types and how to understand people better is something that I revisit frequently. I appreciate the work he and his wife Sarah did to help people quickly find common ground as we try to assess relationships that we deal with daily. You can check out his work at:

It is our job as the living to remember those who passed before us. For those of you that believe, let’s pray for comfort for Sarah, Jacobs widow, who no longer has her best friend standing beside her to do life together with. Certainly there is great sorrow in this loss. And for the 7 children that are now without their dad. I’m praying that the family will band together, love on each other deeply and be comforted in their faith in this time of sorrow.
My personal prayer is that as my family and I pursue life, in all that we do, and with everyone we meet, we make the most of our time together. We don’t leave anything unsaid. 
I guess we never know how long we have left to positively influence the world around us. 

Life is a gift, live it well. 

Noah Huth

How I Kicked Cigarettes For Life

How I Kicked Cigarettes  For  Life
Maybe you knew I was a pack-a-day smoker, or perhaps I hid that from you because I was ashamed. I smoked cigarettes for the better part of 15 years and had attempted quitting many more times than I can count on my hands. Counseling, group therapy, many smoking cessation products and plans later I finally gained some traction. Yet within a few months the urges were back again and I moved to vaping because I thought 3 chemicals and a handful of synthetic flavonoids was better than the alternative. 

As a new member to Young Living I added EO's to my e-cig juice. I was benefiting from using EO's already so I thought this would be a great idea. I was wrong, dead wrong. Please don’t  heat up your essential oil’s to their flashpoint and inhale deeply. 

Quitting cold turkey (no nicotine replacement) was the best thing I ever did for myself. I timed it for when I was going to be recovering from a surgery and had to spend an enormous amount of time and effort in self-care already. I ramped up the use of all the EO's I could get my hands on and lots of supplements to support healthy body systems like: BLM, Agilease, Super B,  Essentialzyme, Mineral Essence, Longevity,  Super C.  We bought cases of Ningxia Red, our Premium antioxidant drink, that most certainly was providing the very best support I could get on a cellular level. Look it up, it’s amazing!

I went through whole bottles of Helichrysum, Idaho Balsam Fir, Frankincense, Blue Cypress, Copaiba, vetiver, PanAway, Wintergreen, Lavender, Cypress and many more using them topically, inhaling them to hit my limbic system with new scent memories and ingesting Vitality oils usually every hour with water. 

Nutrition, exercise (at that time it was PT for me) supplementation, lifestyle choices, and yes, even essential oils all played a role in my plan to quit. My body and emotions responded positively to the new wellness regimen. Nearly three years have gone by and not a single craving any more. I still use many of the products I mentioned earlier as I strive to be healthier than ever.

Here is the thing. I tried to trade smoking cigarettes for a Black Pepper EO laced nasal inhaler....or Theives to the roof of my mouth to help with cravings and prior to becoming a member with YL had used every cessation product on the market and failed. 

What really helped it to stick this time was making a decision to change my future. To be a better dad, husband and friend. Making a choice to live a life of wellness and choosing to reach for a bottle of essential oils before a cigarette. Buying into the “lifestyle” of Young Living was a vital decision that I will forever be grateful for. This practice bought me time to find peace and calming in my mind as I inhaled the vapors that God so lovingly made for us even before he created Adam and Eve.

Of course I had the support of my family, chose a date, made a commitment to following through, had an accountability partner check in with me, lived in the moment even through the physical/emotional pain (embraced the suck) and chose to focus on gratitude. All of this combined allowed me to heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

My journey through this life is augmented and healthier thanks not only to Young Living  products, but also the members I have had the privilege of working with. 

Reality is the people we associate with raise or lower our standards. And we all need people in our lives who will raise our standards. We need to surround ourselves with people who will remind us of our purpose & calling. Friends and business associates that are willing to challenge us to be the best version of ourselves is a huge unexpected blessing in this business of distributing wellness products.

My grandma “Konki” just celebrated her 93rd birthday and she would frequently remind me of the simple truth: “we are all called for greatness, answer the call. You’re going to do great things”. 

Minerals. Your body needs them!

Minerals. Your body needs them!

Trust me, I'm no expert at heath science, but I do like to be an informed consumer of health and wellness products. Research and understanding what benefits or net gains I can reasonably expect from a product is something I value. If you are a consumer of vitamins, minerals, essential oils, enzymes, or other wellness product you should be doing your own research. Google Scholar is great for finding studies and literature on just about any topic. Recently I did some research on the health benefits of major and trace mineral supplementation. Look, its a fact that most of us just don't get enough of them in our diets. Sure, you can get some of your daily needs by eating good foods, but even still the majority of us are lacking in the daily requirements of one or more of these minerals. 

Minerals, along with water and enzymes, are building blocks of health. Tonight, I just want to share with you a couple things I have learned about minerals that the body needs and why I choose to supplement with the most efficient and best-balanced liquid ionic mineral blend on the market. Mineral Essence by Young Living.  

So how about those minerals? Where are you getting yours? Here is a short list of just some of the minerals we need for healthy body function and why. 

The body needs iron to make hemoglobin, which is the red protein responsible for carrying oxygen in the blood. We need calcium for kidney, nerve and muscle function. Potassium maintains electrolyte balance between blood and body tissues. Our thyroids can’t even work without iodine. The thyroid as you probably know controls many functions of the body including those related to energy production. Manganese, selenium and zinc all help with wound healing, skeletal growth and cell membrane protection. While chromium helps keep the arteries clear. 

So even with my short list aren’t you the least bit curious about whether you are getting enough of all the kinds of minerals you need? Fun fact. Did you know that all of Young Living's enzyme products need just two things to activate them? Can you guess what two things they are? If you guessed minerals and water than your right! Gut health is something I value, and I knew if I wanted to achieve my health goals as they relate to my gut I was going to need to supplement enzymes and increase my water intake. Now the next step for me has been adding the mineral supplementation. 

Most liquid mineral supplements don’t taste very good. I think Young Living did really well with this formula which includes honey and royal jelly to make it a bit sweet and more palatable. Cinnamon, lemon and peppermint essential oils are also in the formula to aid in bio-availability of the minerals. I first tried taking it about 10 days before I left on a service trip with the Young Living Foundation to rebuild homes in Nepal. The goal was to ensure my body responded well to the elevation I was going to be working in for following 10 days. I took a supply of Mineral Essence with on that trip and continued taking it. Thankfully it worked. 

As you know, our family has been looking for ways to engage in activities that challenge our physical stamina, our endurance and an enjoyable way for us to get our cardio in.  XC skiing has been our newest adventure and answer. Skijoring might be next on my list, the thought has crossed my mind, so we'll see.  Anyway, I just want to say, Mineral Essence by Young Living is great. I can feel a difference in how my body responds to that kind of activity when I take it versus when I don’t. 

Some people I know like to drink it with NingxiaRed wolfberry juice, but I just take it straight out of the dropper. It can be a bit overwhelming for some people so there is no shame in covering it up with a bit of cold juice. There are more than 60 very fine ionic minerals in this product and one or more of them have helped move the needle towards meeting my health and wellness goals.

Haven’t gotten started with Young Living yet? Why not become a member today? When you enroll with me in March 2018 and buy Mineral Essence (item #3222) on an Essential Rewards order concurrently, I will put a product credit equal to $10 on your account. That is more than a 30% saving on your first order of Mineral Essence. Click on "Place an Order" at the top of this page to get started. Or copy and paste the hyperlink below:

Facing adversity head on!

Facing adversity head on!
How often should we face adversity head on if we want to be successful in life? I don't know the answer, but I have a feeling that how we respond to adversity is a good indicator of how successful we will be in all areas of life. 
Today was especially cold. I didn't want to leave my warm cozy bed as I lay next to my wife, but eventually I did decide to face the day head on. 
My kids and I made breakfast as we chatted about how our day of cross country skiing was going to go. We had been looking forward to this 4-day weekend for several weeks now and we knew exactly how we wanted to spend our time together. Skiing, enjoying the amazing views, and later warm snuggles. 
After breakfast we loaded up our family van with all the gear and sack lunches we would need and drove the 38 minutes up to the Spokane Nordic Ski area on Mount Spokane State Park. We parked the van and opened the doors to grab our gear and head to Selkirk Lodge to wax and get ready. We were greeted with -20-degree wind chill in the parking lot, but none of us would be discouraged from doing what we set out to do. We were hopeful that once we got on the trail and cover of trees that the wind-chill would not be a factor.
In the lodge we geared up to go and were soon on the trails heading to Junction 1. Not only was it cold, but it was wet and windy too. The wind cut through our Smart Wool and the snow whipped into our faces as we began our back country acsent to Junction 2.  Fortunately, we had prepared for the inclement weather, but even still we were faced with a decision to either move forward or turn back. 
The weather never let up on us, by the time we were at the second Junction my wife's gear was drenched on the outside from the snow melt. She wanted to be a trooper and press on, but every muscle in her body was telling her to turn back. The seams in my gloves were allowing too much wind in and were not adequate for the weather. I did a self-check and realized my hands were warm for the moment and I still had good feeling in my fingers because of all the energy that we were exerting so we pressed on to our goal of reaching the Nova Hut. 
The evergreen trees were heavy laden with fresh snow which made for a beautiful and quiet day on the mountain. Our goal was only 2 kilometers away at this point, but the trail was steep and would require significant effort on all of our parts to move uphill towards Junction 3 and get shelter at the hut. 
My daughter and son were eager to show us their new skill set they learned from their single Nordic ski lesson a few weeks before.  Thankfully, they paid attention and were now employing their "V" shapes with confidence. To be fair, we were not V skate skiing, but we were getting closer to our goal. When the kids fell, they just got right back up and kept climbing. When my wife fell, it took a bit more cheering her on, but eventually she too continued the climb. 
No views greeted us when we made it to Nova Hut. Our welcoming committee was more icy flakes whipping our face and a steep climb without skis to get down a 5-foot snow drift to the hut and bathrooms.  
Despite all the adversity from the weather, from the lack of experience, from our minds telling us we couldn’t do it....we pressed forward and 1 hour and 45 minutes later, we made it. There was a sense of accomplishment as we warmed up and dried out around a fire in the hut and had our sack lunch. We enjoyed each other’s company and grew closer together as a family. Our 2 oz. pouches of Ningxia Red gave us a refreshing bit of energy for the return trip back to Selkirk lodge. We breathed in Young Living peppermint essential oil to help oxygenate our blood so our muscles could do the needed work to get us home and then we began our decent. 
When we made it back home that night, we all enjoyed a far-infrared sauna session and Slique tea.
 The weather never let up on us that day, but we learned we could ski for 12 kilometers as a family. If we had let the wind-chill in the parking lot discourage us, we would have never known the satisfaction of reaching our goal. If we had turned back at Junction 1 because of the wind cutting through our clothes we would not have experienced the joy of accomplishing what we set out to do. 
Life is short, full of adversity and there is always going to be a tempting easy way out. Don't rob yourself the joy of meeting your goals in life by letting adversity dictate your next move. Press forward and be in the moment always. Life is short, live it well.

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