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Need An Energy Boost?
Tough workout? Long day? Support normal energy levels with this little-known natural treasure.
Need An Energy Boost?
Tough workout? Long day? Support normal energy levels with this little-known natural treasure.
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Meet the Co-Owners of Wellness Cultivators LLC

Welcome! We are the Huth’s (Noah and Ashley), Co-owners of Wellness Cultivators LLC, a Young Living distributorship which leads its members in resources and education towards success in purpose, wellness, and abundance. We are more than essential oils, supplements and lifestyle products. We are a family of likeminded individuals that pursues being the best version of ourselves.  We have a heart for serving the needs of others, especially in underserved communities. Our profile pic was taken in Yarsa, Nepal during a Young Living Foundation service trip to rebuild homes and schools in a jungle village that was destroyed during the 2015 Gorka earthquakes. 

We make our home currently in Spokane Valley, WA. I (Noah) was born and raised in Chicago, IL and moved to Spokane in my early twenties. Ashley was born in Spokane and has lived all over the State of WA relocating often throughout her childhood as her parents built their business. 

We  met late one October afternoon and married within a short few months. We started a family 5 years later and have two children. Our son is now 11 and loves cross-country, playing guitar and skateboarding. Our daughter is 9 and she also loves cross-country, playing the fiddle and eating healthy.  Our Rhodesian Ridgeback keeps us on our toes and loves it when we take her on extended hikes or huckleberry picking  in the Pacific Northwest trails.

Several years ago I (Noah) was experiencing debilitating health issues that began my journey to find health and wellness in all areas of my life. I challenged myself to research many health related topics and implemented many lifestyle changes that primed me to embrace the Young Living lifestyle. Since joining Young Living, I feel like I am finally in the driver’s seat of my own health and wellness goals. Today I train in the gym 4 - 5 days a week for strength and power by lifting weights under the direction of Tom Nikkola. Young Living products are supporting my whole body as I push it to it's limits.

Ashley had a health crisis some years ago. During that time a friend introduced her to Young Living Essential Oils. She was already familiar with essential oils for aromatherapy and the introduction of potent and pure essential oils opened her eyes to the therapeutic benefits on a much broader scale. With a lot of research and the help of her health care providers, her recovery was well under way. We are so thankful for that dear friend making the initial recommendation to research YL's Seed to Seal promise because this began her YL journey and subsequently my own.

Noah has had occupational experience ranging from Emergency Medical Services to Sales. Two years ago, after spending several years at home as a home school teacher and stay-at-home dad, I decided to pursue my passion for music and technology.  I graduated with an Audio Engineering degree and now employ my new skill set as an A/V Director of a medium sized church close to home and in a wide range of audio related productions including live sound reinforcement and post-production audio for film. 

Ashley is a former Coding Compliance-Audit Coordinator at a non-profit hospital and is now using her available time and talents to further develop our  Wellness Cultivators brand.  She makes sure our members are taken care of.

As a couple, we consider ourselves a team in whatever we do. Whether work or play, we look for ways to do things together, leveraging each others strengths. The Young Living lifestyle is a facet of life we have the privilege of doing together. Aside from being a young busy family with goals and aspirations, we are down to earth, accepting and would love to talk hear about your life goals, dreams, and accomplishments over dinner sometime with you.

Our goals as they relate to our wellness company is simply to use these tools from trees, shrubs, rinds, resins and roots that our Creator provisioned for us; to improve our families’ quality of life and empower our friends with resources, education, and encouragement to do the same. 

Our second set of goals are based on the Oola principles of finding balance in day to day life and being in a state of growth & balance in 7 key areas of life: Fitness, Finance, Family, Field, Faith, Friends and Fun. Young Living and Oola principles are helping our family, and we’d love to share these with you.

Our dream is to be financial free so we can give generously of our time and resources to the projects we are passionate about. Hope For Justice, Rebuild Nepal, Sole Hope to name a few. 

Our children have fully embraced the “oily” lifestyle, and for that we are so thankful because this puts them in a position to be active participants in their own health/wellness goals at an early age! Young Living for the win! 

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